I am a graphic designer and art director based in Lausanne, Switzerland where I graduated with honours in the Master Art Direction (type option) program at ECAL. I specialise myself in graphic design for print, web, branding and motion with a strong focus on typography. After studying in Geneva, Copenhagen and Lausanne, I am currently working in the cultural and commercial fields for companies, individuals and on self initiated projects.


With each new project comes a new challenge. As I see it, it offers new opportunities I always consider with enthusiasm and curiosity to create the most complete, innovative and original work. Through a realistic and quality-focused approach, my goal is to highlight the singularity of each project. I see innovation, distinction and audacity as fundamental principles in order to make a good visual communication.

For inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me. Full Portfolio or CV are available upon request.

Selected Press & Exhibitions

  • Wallpaper Magazine: Online & Issue 202, 2015 & 2016
  • Etapes Magazine: Issue 228, 2015
  • Graphic Design Festival Scotland International Poster Exhibition, The Lighthouse – Glasgow, 2017
  • IdPure Issue 39 (with MAAD), 2016
  • Look at Me: New Poster Design, Sandu Publishing, 2015
  • Half-time Exposition, ECAL Lausanne, 2017
  • On the Road to Variable: The Flexible Future of Typography, Victionary Publishing, 2019


  • Prix Beau Virage – Lausanne, 2016
  • Paléo Festival Nyon 2014 / 1st Price – Poster, 2013
  • Service Protection & Sauvetage – Genève / 1st Price – Visual identity, 2013


Reproduction photographies: Bilal Sebei

Additional reproduction photographies: Bastien Gomez / Gaël Corboz / Calypso Mahieu


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