Ville spatiale – How can graphic design help to visualise what does not exist yet?

    • I am a graphic designer and art director from Lausanne.
    • This is a selection of my work.

Visual identity for ECAL's graduate show

Visual identity for ECAL's graduate show

Visual identity for ECAL's exhibition at Salone del Mobile Milano 2019


Architecture de caractère – The publication focuses on the Russian avant-garde and draws parallels between soviet’s architecture and typography


Welcome back poster series for ECAL

EICA Records – Record cover design for the Swiss electronic music label


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Editorial design and illustration of the famous novel by Robert L. Stevenson

Urban Typography: Layout and illustrations – When typography becomes part of the landscape


ECAL Open day 2019 – In collaboration with photographers Calypso Mahieu & Gianni Camporota


Lining Grotesk: Type design – A comprehensive sans-serif typeface family with vertical accents


Eclairage Théâtre – Visual identity proposal for a lighting company


ECAL Cinéma 2018 – One year of cinema at ECAL compiled for the first time in a book


ECAL Masters – Promotional material for the school’s programs


Collage et photomontage – Research and editorial design


Le Recueil de l'avocat – Editorial design for the Geneva Bar Association

Mangeat Attorneys at Law — Global branding solution and website for a modern Swiss Law firm based in Geneva


Happy new year poster series for ECAL

Architecture Soviétique: Typographie en Construction – Type design, photography and editorial design about soviet architecture