Ville spatiale – How can graphic design help to visualise what does not exist yet?

    • I am an art director and graphic designer from Lausanne, Switzerland.
    • This is a selection of my work.

ECAL Cinéma 2019 – Publication

Visual identity for ECAL's 2019 graduate show

Catalogue designed for the swiss furniture company DADADUM, in collaboration with Automatico Studio

Design of "Interferences" an interactive book equiped with an electronic chip producing song

EICA Records – Record cover design for the Swiss electronic music label

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Editorial design and illustration of the famous novel by Robert L. Stevenson

ECAL Open day 2019 – In collaboration with photographers Calypso Mahieu & Gianni Camporota

Lining Grotesk: Type design – A comprehensive sans-serif typeface family with vertical accents

Eclairage Théâtre – Visual identity proposal for a lighting company. Not realized

Architecture Soviétique: Typographie en Construction – Type design, photography and editorial design about soviet architecture