Ville Spatiale

The Ville Spatiale is an architectural concept of a multilayered city built on stilts. My project is a personal interpretation of this concept in which the city would expand over the Swiss Plateau. This fictional city is developed by mixing visual identity and visual representations of spaces.

All the elements in the Ville Spatiale are built on the same normalised grid, forming a graphic city. The purpose through my design is to offer an alternative approach in the realisation of architectural environments. I wanted to experiment on how to depict something that doesn’t exist yet.

Master diploma project supervised by Marie Lusa and Kai Bernau.


Technical informations

Softcover, 21× 28 cm, 144 pages, digital and screen print


Art direction, type design, editorial design, photography, visual Identity, 3D modelling

Additional credits

Reproduction photography: Bastien Gomez
Silkscreen with Sylvain Croci-Torti

Photographic contributions : Johannes Bauer, Yulia Kahn and Arthur Miffon